Introducing The New Era of Inbound Marketing

Marketing has been the cornerstone of business for the longest of time. Marketing allows businesses to reach people easily. People that might not even be interested in a certain product become interested. It allows businesses to build brand recognition in people that had no previous knowledge in the subject area. As time went on, the system got both harder, and easier. It used to be that you could only reach people in the mail and radio. Mailing was slow and costly, sometimes the sale was over before the advertisement reached someone’s house. And it was expensive to buy enough stamps to send them out to everyone. Radio was really competitive as it served as the only other marketing platform besides billboards, posters, and mail. It was able to reach a lot of people, quickly and efficiently. After the age of the radio came the age of the television. Advertisers loved the television because it let them display a visual representation of the product they are trying to sell. Visual representations are more effective than a auditory one from the radio. People learn to associate images and brands with products. This allowed for the usage of brand recognition to affect the world of business. Let’s say that there are two companies, company A and company B. Both of the companies sell toasters, of the exact same quality and model. Both the products are the same for all intensive purposes, but company A advertises on television and company B doesn’t advertise. In a few weeks, there won’t be a company B anymore, because company A would have all the market share. Marketing is so important in a business. One needs leads to market to, callbox gave me better leads. A lot of websites have good information about inbound marketing like hubspot. Use these resources to expand your reach.

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