How to Write SEO-Friendly Articles in 2018

It is understood that the field is dominated by the bigger fishes:

A couple of months back a client approached us to create a website for his product Loveplugs. Initially, he was really dejected because a previous attempt at creating a website had gone terribly bad.

The website did not run for more than a month and it had to wind up live operations because it got banned by the search engine.

The first thing that needs to be kept in mind is that search engines in 2018 have stringent rules regarding banning of sites. They do not take any lenient approach anymore. Sometimes the website is banned even without a single warning. No information, nothing, the website just vanishes one fine day form the listing. This is a tragic thing to happen, don’t you think so?

Cut to present, we assured the client that we were well equipped to make sure that not only will he make enough money but that he will be able to have his website up and running on the various search engines.

Opt for the search engine that allows adult websites:

The sure shot way of staying on the engine list is to find out what policy the search engine adopts and if they accept an adult site at all?

Writing content that matters:

We cannot stress the importance of quality content more than the fact that it is one of the most important factors that will decide if the footfalls will be converted into faithful followers.


With the images, it is best to have original ones and if they are copyright ones. A good image has the capacity of capturing the attention of the reader and sustaining it there. Too much of text and less of pictures can make the site very boring.

Mobile compatible:

It makes immense sense to make the site compatible with smartphones. A survey recently estimated that a majority of people [refer to watch porn and adult entertainment only on their smartphones because it entails them the required privacy.

The client was a happy man when we were done and his site has indeed become one of the most popular ones today!