How to Survive Working From Home: 10 Tips and Tricks

You can still choose your favorite handbag from Luxtime even when you work from home if you know how to do it more effectively and productively. Here are ten tips to get you started on the right path.

  1. Say no to household chores: No laundry and no kitchen time during your working hours; they are distracting and will cut into your productivity.
  2. Plan your work schedule each day: Schedule a time for all activities that need to be done on a particular day and stick to them to the extent possible. This will establish a discipline and a systemic method of doing work efficiently.
  3. DO not attend any phone calls: Imagine you are still in an office and avoid all personal calls unless emergency calls.
  4. Turn your back to social media and WhatsApp: They are the biggest time killers and if you get caught browsing any social media you will not have time left for your work.
  5. Schedule coffee and a lunch break: Assign a specific time for your coffee and lunch and adhere to the time as you would at work.
  6. Set personal goals: With no boss pushing you to achieve any deadlines, you must keep your own goals and motivate yourself to reach them.
  7. Dress up each morning: Establish a routine wherein you dress up each morning as if stepping out and going to work. This step will inculcate a sense of purpose and make it hard to slip into laziness.
  8. Non-office appointments must be rescheduled: Do not schedule any appointments at salons or dentists during your working hours.
  9. Get up and exercise: Every half hour gets up and walk for a few minutes; it will break the monotony and also get the blood coursing through the body keeping lethargy away.
  10. Keep in touch with coworkers: It can be a boring life to work from home, keep the board at bay by being in touch with your co-workers as often as possible.

With discipline and resolve working from home is a boon akin to paid retirement.