Five Proven SEO Strategies for Online Retailers

Any successful e-commerce venture is ranked based on its ranking in online search results. It is no wonder that businesses have budget exclusively for their SEO management. Here are a few proven strategies that any online retailer can use for better presence on the internet.

  1. LSI keywords: Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI keywords are words or phrases that are related to the actual keyword of your content. Remember that users use words in varying combinations in search engines; therefore, when you optimize your web page with related keywords you are improving your chances of being found more often than not. Suppose you are looking for couponobox, the chances of you finding it are more if the website uses LSI keywords like promotions, deals, offers and discounts instead of just coupons.
  2. Your content must belong: Search engines like google like web pages with more content because it provides more information to users. Hence, in your description ensure that each page has at least 1000 words with the main keyword interspersed between three to five times in the article.
  3. Add a prefix to your keyword: The power of the right word can skyrocket your ranking. Words like “cheap,” “best” etc. when used as a prefix will draw more traffic to your website and product pages. Creative prefixes also known as click magnets in description tags give more results.
  4. Date modifiers: When your coupons show the last updated date and the expiry date, users will realize that the coupons are fresh and they can proceed otherwise it is frustrating to encounter a message which states the coupon has expired. Search engines also like these date modifiers as they can provide snippets to
  5. Display rich snippet: Those browsing the net have limited attention span, hence to catch their attention you must give them valuable information. By adding rich snippets, you can increase your CTR thereby providing SEO benefits like easy to index web pages.

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